Need A Sprinkler Repair?

Arvada Sprinkler RepairSprinkler repairs are sometimes needed due to a faulty installation or improper winterization from the year before. Our experienced staff can review your system, diagnose the problem, and properly repair it.

And as backflow prevention specialists, we will successfully repair and service your backflow prevention devices such as Febco, Watts, and Wilkins.

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Need Maintenance?

Sprinkler systemMaintenance is a great way to keep your sprinkler system running efficiently and properly throughout the year. Our seasonal maintenance steps will wake up your system in the spring (spring start up) and properly winterize your sprinklers in the fall (winterization). An ounce of maintenance can go a long way toward preventing future problems.

We have been helping clients with sprinklers in Colorado cities like Arvada, Broomfield, and Westminster for nearly 20 years and we are there when you need us!

Save Water

SprinklersWhen you are ready to have your sprinkler system operate automatically, let us install a controller! Just think, no more babysitting the on/off switch. Let the controller do the work. And don’t worry if your current controller is malfunctioning or is too hard to use, give us a call and we can discuss replacing it.

Perhaps it has been raining a lot (think May 2015) and it’s a good idea to temporarily pause your sprinkler system. Our rain sensors will do the trick! By monitoring the amount of rain, they can help save money and conserve water. Give us a call 303-466-5304 and we’ll discuss the best solution for you.

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